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There’s no doubt about it, South India is a very vegetarian-friendly region when it comes to food. Nearly everything is labeled with a bright green circle to show it’s vegetarian or a red circle for non-vegetarian. Though the green veg circle does mean it won’t contain eggs, it doesn’t mean it’s vegan. India, in general, is a huge dairy consuming country, from ghee, to paneer, to drizzles of cream added to what would seem naturally vegan dishes like dal, it’s not always straightforward if something is vegan or not. So whether you’re following a plant-based lifestyle for morals, health concerns, environmental issues, or for no particular reason at all, you have to check out these tried and tested brands that make going vegan easy in Bengaluru! And because a plant-based lifestyle isn’t just about food, though it’s definitely a tasty perk, you’ll find more than just restaurants and food brands on the list.

*Link to brands’ websites and Instagrams by clicking the titles



   Green Theory on Convent Road in Richmond Town is both vegan-friendly and pet-friendly with its peaceful garden space.

Image source: Zomato

Green Theory – Richmond Town

Great outdoor space, pet-friendly, delicious desserts.


The Kind – JP Nagar

All-day breakfast, great for coffee lovers.


Vegan Vogue – Indiranagar 

Unique menu offering delicious vegan take on international cuisines.


Vegan Vogue – Indiranagar 

Unique menu offering delicious vegan take on international cuisines.


JustBe – Sadashiv Nagar

Bangalore’s only 100% vegan restaurant.

Enerjuvate – Koramangala & Banashankari

Cute space with an attached boutique and yoga studio.

Sante Spa – Domlur

Huge menu with lots of options for all dietary requirements.

Habibi Falafel – Koramangala & Indiranagar

The only place to go in Bangalore for authentic middle eastern cuisine that is vegan by default.

Copper & Cloves – Indiranagar @ The Organic World and @ Paper Boat Collective

Beautiful and healthy food designed by chef and nutritionist Sarah Edwards (read our review of some of her earlier food here)

The Pizza Bakery – Indiranagar, Whitefield, Bellandur, Church Street

The only place offering pizza with vegan coconut cheese.

Chinita – Indiranagar & Koramangala

Authentic Mexican food by expat chef Candice Lock with an entire section of the menu for vegan dishes.

GoNative – Jayanagar, HSR, Lavelle Road

Gorgeous eclectic ambiance with an entirely vegetarian menu with vegan options available.

Fab Cafe – MG Road, Jayanagar, Sarjapur, Whitefield

Take a break while shopping at Fabindia with a delicious cafe meal.

Candice’s Gourmet Sandwiches – online ordering only

As the name says, gourmet sandwiches with a special vegan menu. Another brand by expat chef, Candice Lock, behind Chinita.

Yogisthaan – Indiranagar

Very laid-back open-air space that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into an ashram in Goa. Fun Fact: this used to be the unofficial Vine headquarters in our early days

OFFLINE + ONLINE SUPERMARKETS is a Bangalore born 100% vegan, 100% organic online supermarket image source: Happy Healthy Me Facebook page

Order all your organic and vegan kitchen basics from HHM. Another Vine fave, we love owner Namu’s own Vegan recommendations here


Healthy and sustainable groceries. Organic, natural, vegan and eco-friendly.


Nature’s Basket

Chain of supermarkets across Bangalore stocking many vegan brands and products.

The Organic World

Chain of 100% organic supermarkets with locally sourced and organically grown produce with many vegan-friendly products.

An online marketplace for a large variety of imported and local vegan products.

Curated online selection of all vegan products across India.

Over 1,000 vegan brands in one place with pan-India shipping.


Good Dot makes ethical, healthier, and environmentally sustainable alternatives to animal meat

Image source:

Good Dot

A variety of Indianized mock meats and ready-to-go dishes like biryani.

Shaka Harry

Momos, chicken nuggets, samosa, stuffed paratha, mutton – all plant-based.


Veggie Champ

The first company in India to manufacture mock meat. Unique vegan products from salami to fish fingers.


Soy-based vegan products like scrambled eggs and shawarma.

Blue Tribe Foods

Plant-based chicken nuggets for even the pickiest little vegans.



Millie’s Kitchen vegan cheeses are 100% natural and made from nuts not dairy

Image source: Millie’s Kitchen Facebook page

Millie’s Kitchen

Handmade vegan cheese in 3 flavors – garlic, herb, and plain.


PETA India’s 2021 Best Vegan Cheese, no dairy sugar, cholesterol or preservatives.


One Good

Vegan mozzarella and parmesan cheese as well as paneer..

Mozzarella and Parmesan, veganized!

Live Yum

Packaged shredded cheese and cream cheese spread.


Epigamia, an Indian start-up, recently launched a line of plant-based yogurt alternatives.

Image source:

Epigamia – coconut milk based

Unsweetened, jaggery, mango, and blueberry coconut milk yogurt that tastes better than the dairy version.

One Good – peanut-based

Perfect for Indian cooking to substitute curd.



Raw Pressery makes a range of almond milk products from unsweetened to cacao, and coffee-flavored

Image source:

Raw Pressery

A range of delicious nut-based beverages. Their Almond Cacao is out of this world.

Only Earth

Almond, oat, and coconut mylks with no added sugar.

alt foods

Sprouted millets plant-based mylks in original and chocolate flavors.


One Good

Cashew and Oat mylks with sugar free and chocolate versions.

So Good

Easy to find vegan mylk brand available at supermarkets and on BigBasket.


One of the biggest brands of plant-based beverages in India.


Live Yum makes a premium ghee alternative which is palm oil free and 100% vegan

Image source:

Live Yum

Premium vegan ghee for “clarified happiness that’s cruelty-free”.


One Good

If you love how aromatic and rich-tasting ghee is, this dairy-free version won’t disappoint. 


Emkay Lite

Vegan ghee that can easily be found on Amazon and other online supermarkets on our list.


Image source: Mountain Bee Kombucha


Mountain Bee Kombucha

Offering unflavored kombucha with fresh juices to create some of their flavors, making it a great option for people who are still getting used to kombucha and are looking for a slightly less potent taste


Dad’s Hack

Locally made, they have a wide variety of refreshing flavors like Berry Basil and Ginger Lime


Mossant Fermentary

Newer to the booch scene but recommended, find your fermented foods and drinks here


Check out more of our favorite Kombucha places in our big booch article here 



A Bangalore-based start-up, Goodmylk makes a range of 100% plant-based products including mayonnaise. 

Image source: GoodMylk Facebook page


You won’t be able to tell the difference between this Mayo and non-vegan alternatives.



Jus’ Amazin is Bangalore based and makes a wide range of nut and seed butters that are all natural.

Image source:

Jus’ Amazin

Almond, cashew, peanut, seed spreads and vegan nutella, too!

Peels Nut Butter Co.

7 different types of vegan nut butter.

The Butternut Co.

Refined Sugar-Free Nut Butters and Chocolate Spreads.



Koramangala-based chef Leena whips up gourmet butter that is 100% plant-based.

Image source:

Crave by Leena

Creamy and super buttery vegan butter, designed to mimic the taste and feel of dairy butter.


Vegan butter that melts, spreads, and behaves like the dairy version.


The Palestinians behind Habibi Falafel whip up the most authentic (& vegan of course) hummus in the city.

Image source:

Habibi Falafel

Restaurant chain owned by an expat duo serving the authentic hummus in traditional and spicy versions.


Start-up based in Indiranagar making homemade hummus in a variety of different flavors.



Kocoatrait is India based and the World’s 1st Sustainable Luxury, Zero Waste, Planet Friendly (Plastic & Paper free) Vegan Ecofriendly Sustainable Bean to Bar Chocolate brand.

Image source:


Vegan chocolate with 10 very unique flavors.

Paul & Mike

Farm to bar chocolate in a variety of international and Indian flavors.


Artisanal chocolate bars with flavors that change by the season. 


Vegan, white sugar, and lecithin free dark and mylk chocolates.


Award-winning vegan bakery, Crave by Leena, for cakes, tarts, cupcakes, and more!

Image source:

Crave by Leena

100% vegan tarts, cakes, cupcakes with refined sugar-free and gluten-free options. A real Vine Fave 

Bhargavi Buttercup Bakes

Homebaker making a range of very gluttonous vegan cakes and cupcakes. 

Moody Baker

Vegan bakes including Bangalore’s only vegan cream cheese frosting cinnamon rolls.


Plant-based “Nice Cream” by Bangalore start-up, Dittoo.

Image source:


Coconut and almond-based vegan “nice cream” with seasonal flavors and refined sugar-free.

Papa Cream

A range of vegan ice creams available on BigBasket.

Milano Ice Cream

100% fresh Italian gelato made by expat chef Sara Calderoni. Daily vegan sorbets available according to fruit season and weekly creamy vegan flavors like hazelnut, pistachio, chocolate.


Gelateria with 2 locations in Bangalore with daily vegan options available.

White Cub Ice Cream

India’s first dairy-free ice cream available at Nature’s Basket. 



Himalayan Organics has a wide range of vitamins & mineral supplements that are both organic and plant based.

Image source:

T.he Himalayan Organics Co

100% vegan vitamins and supplements with many blends especially for women, like Biotin gummies.


Plant-based vitamins and supplements perfect for athletes. 


Unived manufactures a wide range of performance-based protein supplements and powders from plant-based ingredients.

Image source:


Pea Protein powders in a variety of flavors like Unsweetened, Chocolate, Vanilla and Super Greens.


Protein powder with a line specially designed for women.

Flex Protein

Innovative startup with a premium range of natural protein powders.

Plix Life Plant Protein

Completely natural plant-based protein powders.


A wide selection of hemp-based products for nutrition, wellness, and personal care by Boheco Life.

Image source:

Boheco Life

A range of health & wellness products from hemp seeds from the Himalayas.

India Hemp Co.

A Bangalore-based company run by two sisters specializing in hemp seed products like trail mix, hemp hearts, and powders.


  Vegan, delightful, safe, paraben-free, phthalate-free, SLS-free skincare with rich natural ingredients by Plum Goodness.

Image source:

Plum Goodness

Safe skincare line for skin, hair, body, makeup.


India’s first indie makeup line that’s 100% vegan.


Clean & toxin free beauty with a great customer care team to choose exactly your blend of products for acne and anti-aging.

Greenberry Organics

Natural and organic products with a great range of SPF day creams and hydrating night creams.

Dot & Key

Natural skincare which is always cruelty-free and dermatologist recommended. Read more about it in our Retinol Skincare article

Fizzy Fern

Natural creams and scrubs including high SPF sunscreens.


100% organic, Ayurvedic skincare line easily found in supermarkets.

Veda Earth

An ayurvedic skincare line that’s PETA certified.

Organic Harvest

Organic skin and hair care products as well as an intimate wash line.

Kama Ayurveda

Ayurvedic products for skin and hair as well as a mother and baby’s line.

Juicy Chemistry

Organic products with a line for anti-aging.

Khadi Natural

Handmade herbal Ayurvedic products with a line of delicious smelling soaps.


Rustic Art makes high-quality feminine products for the eco-friendly woman.

Image source:

Rustic Art

Organic, natural, and high-quality feminine products like menstrual cups. 


India’s First Menstrual Cup made of health-grade non-toxic, non-allergic silicone material. Lasts up to 10 years. Read more about the brand in our Feminine Product article


Natural pads made from corn & bamboo fibre that decompose in 2 years.


Reusable cloth sanitary pads. Known first for their line of cloth diapers.


Washable cloth pads made of 100% cotton that promote well-being.


Herbal Strategi makes natural home cleaners that don’t contain any harmful chemicals. They are non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe to use around children.

Image source:

Herbal Strategi

Herbal cleaning products like floor and window cleaners which don’t contain any harmful chemicals. They are non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for kids.

Bubble Nut Wash

Household cleaning products and laundry soaps made from 100% soap nuts and essential oils.

Bare Necessities

Zero waste household cleaning products and detergents.

Wild Ideas

Natural household cleaning products made by women living in rural areas.



Baggit is a PETA Award winning Made in India brand that delivers quality bags that are made of cruelty-free material.

Image source:


Quirky non-leather bags that are of the highest quality.

Gowma – Azadnagar

Bangalore shop with vegan bags, shoes, and accessories for both women and men.


Genuinely NOT leather wallets, purses, totes, bags, and suitcases.

A Big Indian Story

Sustainable bags and shoes brand with a passion for all things Indian.


Vegan bags for the purposeful woman.


Premium vegan bags and accessories.

Vegan Basics

Stylish Vegan shoes for women and men. 


Escapeto plans 100% vegan tours of India & Sri Lanka.

Image source:

The go-to for vegan-friendly travels in India.


Aistra offers vegan pet food and cruelty-free products for our companion animals.

Image source:


Dog and cat food and care products like shampoos and hygiene sprays.


An easy to find brand with a special vegetarian line for dogs and cats that is vegan-friendly.

Main photo by Jo Sonn

Published Mar 12, 2021, Updated May 19 2023

Chelsea moved to Bangalore in 2017 after more than a decade of living in Spain, Jordan, and even a small stint in Ghana. Originally from California, she’s settled in India with her husband and 2 sons for the long-run! Being business owners, there’s no exit strategy in sight so she’s making the most of it by socializing, writing, and eating a lot of hummus at one of their businesses based out of Bangalore: Habibi Falafel.


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