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We have COVID to thank for the sudden increase in speciality stores which have made bakeware and ingredients accessible outside the hotelier and bakery circles. Many entrepreneurs realized that being confined at home made people take an interest in learning how to bake for the family or starting their home baking business.

Anyone who has been around Bangalore long enough knows that shops and supermarkets work differently here, and you cannot always find what you need at one place. We are saving you the hassle and providing a list of places around town where you can get any and everything you need to make your homemade goodies. We know traffic can be a nightmare, so we even have contact persons of these treasure troves, so you can find out if it is worth it to make the trip!




If you are looking to gift some homemade goodies, have a stall at a bazaar, then this is a haven for you! You will find all kind of boxes, bags, molds for any occasion.

VINE PRO TIP: Has a huge variety of gifting/packaging solutions and cake/cupcake toppers. Also sells dolly paper.

ADDRESS: No 51, Raja Hariharan Towers Sajjan Rao Road, Basappa Circle V.V. Puram, Basappa Circle

CONTACT: 918147453478 (Aravind)

INSTAGRAM: bakers_nest_bengaluru


Photo Courtesy: Deborah Risse

This store focuses primarily on bakeware and packaging, although it sells a few basic ingredients as well. Their Indian style boxes and cannisters give a nice local touch to your baked goods.

INSTAGRAM: bakenpack_bangalore

CONTACT: +91 9742593232 (Preetam)

ADDRESS: 94, DVG Road, near Shree Sai Gold Palace, Basavanagudi


Photo Courtesy: Deborah Risse

Dainty flavors started in 2019. The manager’s wife is a baker who did a course at Lavonne. At the time there was no place that gave the customer a good shopping experience for premium products. 

Notable products available at the store include: Inox ovens, premium chocolate like Van Houten, Allebaut, a wide range of imported sprinkles (coming soon), Kitchen Aid accessories, Cacao Ivory, Maldon Sea Salt Flakes, Elle & Vire Whipping Cream, Sweet Stamp (Irish brand) letter embossing sets for fondant

VINE PRO TIP: Unfortunately, there is a live chicken vendor beside the building and the smell is very strong. Bring a mask along so you don’t get overwhelmed, or just get your items picked up or dunzoed to you. The staff are very accommodating.

ADDRESS: No 118, 1, 80 Feet Rd, Hal, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar

CONTACT: +91 93533 73641

INSTAGRAM: dainty.flavors



Photo Courtesy: brand

The focus of this chef’s haven in central Bangalore, is stocking professional quality brands who prioritize food safety. Their long list of French and other international brands include Decora, Patisse, and SilikoMart among others.

INSTAGRAM: hotelandhomeconcepts

ADDRESS: Leemans Complex, Opposite Axis Bank, Cunningham Rd, next to Just Dial Building, Vasanth Nagar

CONTACT: +91 8425077777


Photo Courtesy: Deborah Risse

IBCA supplies a lot of the small training institutes so you can be sure to find a large range of basic items there. Notable mentions are pre mixes and any chemicals in powder or liquid form, needed for baking. They also sell unique items like almond flakes, egg white powder and fresh yeast. You can also print images on edible sugar paste for toppers on cupcakes, cakes, etc. Just sent them an image on Whatsapp.

Sugarcraft is a sub brand of the IBCA institute. You can find a large range of their sugar décor here to liven up your creations. They can also make you customized pieces. 

VINE PRO TIP: The shop is located near a very busy overhead pass, so no parking is available. The shop is located on the 1st floor.

CONTACT: +91 9886305404 (Manish Gaur)/ +91 9341169603 (Veda)

ADDRESS: 46/3, Mission road, Double Rd, Junction


Photo Courtesy: Deborah Risse

This is a small hole in the wall address where you can find cheap accessories, tools, and décor for baked goods. This is a great store if you like bin store shopping! It is also great place to shop if you are starting out in the world of baking and don’t want to invest too much in a starter kit for your kitchen. 

Notable mentions are their vast range of fruit filling (including alphonso mango!), variety of shapes for paper moulds, and fun ribbons for packaging. 


ADDRESS: 225, 1st Main Rd, 7th Block, Koramangala

CONTACT: +91 9611238222     

INSTAGRAM: newarifebangalore



Bakewala was started 10 years ago by a group of people who quit their corporate jobs to start an ecommerce business. After doing their due diligence, they realized that there was a high demand for baking ingredients and bakeware.  They eventually decided to open up the warehouse to walk-in customers at wholesale prices. The store is located on the 2nd floor of the building.

Notable product mentions: bulk items like almond flour and chocolate chips. Their best-selling active dry yeast under their store brand, Wisemill, is also available.

Bakewala, No 3, First Floor, Dasarahalli Main Road, Outer Ring Rd, above Union Andhra Bank, next to Bharath Petrol Bunk, H A Farm Post

INSTAGRAM: bakewala

CONTACT: +91 8448448654


Photo Courtesy: Deborah Risse

The owner of this place saw an opportunity 3 years ago to turn his grocery store into a home baker’s paradise and provide a much needed one stop shop for home bakers in the North of Bangalore. One can find everything from ingredients to décor and packaging. Notable mentions include their vast variety of sprinkles, themed cupcake toppers, and edible wafer toppers (you can get edible Indian rupees!). The store also has a facility to print edible sugar paste paper with any image of your choice. They are also very big on seasonal merchandise, so any festivities, you will be sure to find appropriate splash of eye catching festive décor to your baked goods!

ADDRESS: 1407, Railway Parallel Rd, A Block, CQAL Layout, Sahakar Nagar

INSTAGRAM: getsetbakeblr

CONTACT: +91 886329599 (Vishwas)


Photo Courtesy: LLB

If you are planning a last minute party  or missing any last-minute ingredients, Bakers Needs is one of the shops that are open quite late. They are also budget and bulk order friendly. However, note that the timings are 10:00AM – 2 PM and 5 PM – 9:30 PM from Monday to Saturday. They are closed on Sundays.

ADDRESS: No 1, Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara Complex, Oil Mill Rd, AravindNagar


Photo Courtesy:

We have all had our nerve wrecking disasters with maida, which is just not the same as your regular plain all-purpose flour. Finding good flour in Bangalore that won’t break the bank, is quite a task. So here is the tea on tried-and-true online vendors straight from the mouth of our expert bakers!



Teff flour has been made popular by the gluten free and fermented products movements whose primary concerns are gut health. You can buy brown teff grown in Karnataka from this amazing start up!


A startup on a mission to use technology to grow varieties of grains and millets that contain more nutritional value while keeping in mind environmental sustainability.



Many people are going back to the ancient diets and traditional ways of grinding and growing grains and millets. This website provides flour from a range of ancient Indian grains and millets.


ADDRESS: 677, 1st Floor, 13th Cross, 27th Main Rd, 1st Sector, HSR Layout

CONTACT: +91-7892911311 / +91-6362329394


Their flour range is made using ethically sourced wheat grown in the foothills of the Himalayas. What’s more, 10% of every purchase of Raw Himalayas goes towards the conservation of the Himalayas and the local communities.



One of the most ancient grains, and considered a from the gods in ancient Egypt, barley flour is unfortunately quite difficult to find. Having recently relocated from Lake View Farm, this shop offers freshly ground barley in large quantities. Order in advance.

ADDRESS: 181, Ecc Rd, Pattandur Agrahara, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066

CONTACT: +919620128258

INSTAGRAM: nisargashoppe


Photo courtesy: Indian Craft Chocolate Festival

One of the most asked questions is where to get good chocolate for our decadent bakes and brownies, especially in Bangalore where the market is saturated with cheap compounds and diluted cocoa chocolates.  The imported brands are available is some of the shops we have listed, but if you are looking to try quality local sourced alternatives made of cocoa beans grown in India, you should know that the Craft chocolate movement which started in India 10 years ago and is quickly becoming booming industry. Thanks to our friend Patricia, who organized the highly successful Indian Craft Chocolate Festival, the following addresses now carry craft chocolate Made in India:


We all want to bake from scratch but life sometimes gets in the way, so here are a list of places who supply dough for both sweet and savory creations so you can cut your prep time in half but deliver excellent taste in full!


Photo Courtesy: google

Look no further than Milano if you are searching for the fresh Puff Pastry and Short Crust Dough for pies, turnovers, quiches, baklava and more. Items can be sent by Dunzo, or the pickup location is below.

CONTACT: +91 7034158736

ADDRESS FOR SELF PICKUP: Milano Ice cream, 237, 80 Feet Rd, Banday Colony, Geddalahalii, Armane Nagar


The Marriott hotel bakery also sells ready-made dough, including of some of your favorite cookie classics!


Photo Courtesy: Brand

Sourhouse make amazing breads, and also sell ready made pizza dough so you can enjoy making this popular Italian dish yourself. They sell banettons (proofing baskets). They also conduct workshops so you can learn how to make your sourdough in the comfort of your home.

VINE PRO TIP: Make sure you order at least 1 day in advance!

WORKING HOURS: Tuesday to Sunday, 930am – 8pm

PICK UP ADDRESS: 39, 8th main, Koramangala 4th Block, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064

CONTACT : 8050395841

EMAIL: [email protected]


Photo Courtesy: Brand

Looking to make homemade Neopolitan style pizza for a hands on family time or a fun sleepover activity, but don’t want the hassle of prepping all the ingredients – you can order full kits from Brik Oven . They will give you the dough balls, sauce, herb seasonings, and cheese. You just have to take care of any extra veg or cold cut toppings.

ADDRESS: 120-A3, Ground Floor, Santosh Tower, 3rd Road, EPIP Zone, Whitefield

CONTACT: +918884448170


Deborah is an AfroEuropean from Ghana, Serbia and France who has lived on six different continents, and now living in Bangalore for the past four years. Deborah is passionate about fostering community and helping expats have authentic cultural experiences. She curates and organises workshops and community events for French speaking adults and children, through her work with Bangalore Accueil. Through her Instagram Page, FirstServes, she shares the joys and flavours of East and West African food through pop ups and food workshops - the proceeds going to charities she volunteers with, which help slum children get access to education. Deborah also enjoys teaching English as a Foreign language and recently completed a TEFL certification at the Asian College of Teachers.


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