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Tinge is the country’s first experiential brand with a range of bespoke cosmetics. Started by Sabrina Suhail, Tinge prides itself on creating a unique blend of colors that suit your skin tone, undertone and taste. You get to choose your color, finish, and texture, even the smell and watch your lipstick be created right in front of you! The Tinge studio is located in central Bangalore and Sabrina is very particular about her health and hygiene standards, making a Tinge visit completely safe even in these weird times. Tinge also offers a range of lip balms, masks, eye shadows, foundations, concealers and other beauty products. You can also visit the to indulge in some online retail therapy.


Tinge is vegan and cruelty free and natural, making it an ethical and sustainable choice for all the beauty lovers.


The Vine Pro Tip: for all the matte lippy lovers, this is the most nourishing and moisturizing formula we found!



I got a gift card for Tinge from the amazing Vine team as a birthday gift and decided to use it while my mom was in town. Tinge is located in a quiet lane off Aga Abbas Ali Road and it is beautiful, clean, welcoming space. Sabrina, the owner, is welcoming and warm and you can tell she knows her stuff from the moment you enter! She follows all COVID guidelines and more, making sure she sanitizes between clients and gets regularly tested herself. You can only come in after making an appointment, no walk-ins are allowed.

Sabrina begins by giving you a massive color wheel to start off of. My mom wanted a red lipstick and I was looking for something unlike any lipstick I own, so I brought all of my most loved ones with me to make sure I don’t go for the same color family. I ended up choosing a lovely burnt orange as a starting point. Sabrina then starts mixing in different pigments, making it lighter, darker and everything in between depending on how you like it. She writes down the mix at every step so you can always go back if you prefer the previous color combo. Once you choose your color, you get to add the aroma. Think mint, pineapple, vanilla- totally yum! Sabrina has a variety of different finishes as well, like gloss, liquid matte, colored balm… You can also add glitter! The final step is the most fun step! You get to name your lipstick! I wish I had given it some thought beforehand, because to come up with the name on the spot was quite stressful! Sabrina writes down your mix, name and phone number on a card so you can get it again and if you bring the empty lipstick pot you can get it refilled with a discount, so sustainable!

The foundation process is pretty much the same, with a lot of trying out to make sure you get the perfect match. I am very fair so finding the right foundation in Bangalore is next to impossible. Tinge foundation is a fine powder which can be applied on its own or mixed with cream or oil to create different finishes and different levels of coverage, making it pretty much the only foundation you will ever need.

Overall it wasSO MUCH FUN! This is a great way to spend some time with girlfriends or some me time, while leaving with bespoke, high quality, vegan make up! I love my lipstick and have been wearing it pretty much exclusively since I got it. The foundation wears really well, does not transfer or oxidizes, and really is the perfect match. My skin is dry so I always mix it with my daily moisturizer to create my own BB cream. I am already planning to go back for a darker, more dramatic lip color and Sabrina’s makeup remover.




I’ve always found it really difficult to find a shade of foundation to match my skin tone  – I’ve tried countless different brands and spent A LOT of money over the years but never really found something I was really happy with. So I was excited to try out what Tinge had to offer me – a bespoke shade of foundation made specifically for MY skin tone! I’ve learnt not to have high expectations as a way to avoid disappointment but I visited Sabrina’s studio with curiosity and some hope… and I came out of the Tinge studio a very happy woman.


When it comes to make up, I have a list of requirements as long as my arm, but to simplify it:

  • I needed something that’s easy and quick to apply

  • Something that doesn’t aggravate my acne prone skin

  • Something that gives me great coverage and blends well

  • Something that brightens my complexion and gives me a great glow


I was surprised to find that Tinge ticked all those boxes for me – the process of finding the right shade was actually really great fun! Sabrina and I played around with different shades and she took her time to explain the process to me step to step, which in itself was a fun learning experience! I felt like I had time to really decide which tone I felt worked better for me – unlike going to a make up store full of other customers and staff members hovering around me, I didn’t feel rushed or coerced into choosing but rather felt fully comfortable in this selection process.


What I love about the Tinge foundation is that I got it in a powder form and can now mix it with my everyday moisturiser, which means I know there are no oils or other chemicals in it which would lead to break outs. Also, the fact that it is a clay based powder means that I can build it up to give me the coverage I need but also just dust a light layer if I wish for casual everyday use.


I also invested in the concealer which again is a very light formula, blends very easily and gives me that coverage I like – perfect for my busy schedule and stays in place even when I’m feeling hot and sweaty, which is a bonus!


I’m an absolute lover of lipstick and my collection is huge! But one can never have two many, so I bought not 1 but 2 (so far) and they are easily the best I have and stay with me wherever I go – I was able to select my own choice of scent and base for the lipsticks, the shea butter base means the lipstick is matte but glides on so easily and moisturises really well, keeping the colour strong and my lips feeling soft all day! Sabrina was able to mix the perfect everyday shade of nude for me  – and when it comes to nudes, there is definitely no such thing as one shade fits all, so I’m very happy to have found one that’s just for me. Every lady needs a red lipstick in her handbag and I’m certainly no exception, so together Sabrina and I found the right everyday red (I took inspiration from the fashion ‘IT’ girls of Paris) and what we came up with has given me a pout to be proud of! I will definitely be going back to Tinged for repeat orders.



Living abroad away from the companies I know by heart, blessed with an uber sensitive skin and faced with the lack of quality seals I am in general a little bit weary about -handmade- skincare or beauty products. However, the idea of having a foundation individually produced to my skintone got me excited. I met Sabina Suhaill the creator of TINGE in her neat and clean little studio in downtown Bangalore. One client at the time and her being spot on with hygienic matters made me feel comfortable and safe. We sat and she inquired about my skincare and what was bothering me most with past beauty products. I would like to start off and say that the questions she put out, the way the whole process is designed, how she creates and explains her products displayed seasoned professionalism, solid and competent craftsmanship, and understanding for individual needs. But back to the process itself.

Sabrina started combining ingredients out of what felt like dozens of tiny pots and bottles while looking at my skin in bright daylight. Just to sit and watch this happen was already pretty cool. Every woman knows the drill of being somewhere in a shop doing cubicle yoga to catch a glimpse of natural light while trying 3-4 of the different standard mass-produced shades on display and ending up semi worried on the way home and then the despair of hit or miss feeling once you apply. TINGE will give you exactly that without any sweating, just sitting and trying the offered shades while Sabrina is working her magic.

If you asked her to create a foundation for you she will send you home with a box of powder. And now comes the super versatile and smart part. Back home you will mix your powder with a base of your choice and it can be seriously anything like cream, essence, serum or even oil if you are going for a more dewy look. You will take out some powder and either directly apply with a brush or mix it with a base of your choice. Depending on the ratio you end up with a super light BB cream or heavy coverage foundation, a simple but super smart strategy. I got to admit that was the only tricky thing for me the first few days to find the right proportions when handling the powder but it also wasn’t rocket science either and I managed eventually. Sabrina would note the formula so she will be able to replicate or make it lighter or darker (depending on the season and our ever-changing skin tone). Bonus points for refillable containers and that none of the clay-based TINGE products are being tested on animals and are vegan. Naturally, I had to try her bespoke lipstick creations as well. I asked her to make me two matte lip glosses. One easy peasy one for everywhere and everyday and one deep red for the night and fiercer missions :-). Once again it was seriously satisfying to watch her put it together and impressive how fast she matched the tone I had in mind and translated it into an actual product. I could even choose additional properties regarding care and the perfume/taste of the lipgloss. She once again wrote down the exact formula on a little card and asked me to name my shades (YAS QUEEN; FEAR NO BITCHES if you ever like to recreate mine :-)). I left TINGE studio satisfied somewhat wowed and content, knowing I will be back soon. Thanks Tinge for being amazing and being around.



During my last stay in Bangalore, my daughter Tena organized a mom-daughter day- to Tinge, a salon in central Bangalore that does personalized lipsticks, foundations, blushes… The whole thing was a big and pleasant surprise!

The first thing you notice is a beautifully appointed space and a lovely, cheerful young lady welcoming you. Each appointment is fully private, so you have all the time for yourself with Sabrina. Sabrina is obviously very educated and knowledgeable. As soon as we told her what we wanted, she immediately knew which direction to go in, what to suggest and recommend.

We came to get lipsticks made and the whole process, from choosing the shades to the scent of the lipsticks, was so fun and insightful that we got exactly what we imagined- maybe even better! The best part was getting to choose the names of our lipsticks.

Of course after such a lovely experience we couldn’t leave the salon just with the lipsticks, so we both also got customized foundation. Again, Sabrina was knowledgeable and the whole process was amazing to see.

We are already looking forward to seeing her again; after all, there is still a lot we want made! We are already full of ideas for what we want our next lipsticks to look like. It is also worth mentioning that the make-up prices were affordable as well!



Do you want to create your own custom makeup? Get 20% off on personalized makeup valid till end of the month (February 28th 2021) Make sure you book ahead and mention The Vine to Tinge at +91 95384 77770


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