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It was one of those weeks when three things collided to make a month look worse than I expected. The landlord asked us to move out, the nanny left with a day’s notice and my son’s potty training was all over the place. While my therapist dissected why my inner world rocked my outer world, I was looking for some sort of a therapeutic cleanse. Something that would help me ground, something that would be a move forward.

That’s where my darling friend who is a professional organiser, Chelsea Juneidi, came in. During our tea date to help me out of my existential dilemma, Chelsea nudged me into a more pragmatic approach. “Let’s organise your stuff. It’ll help you before you move.” she said. “It’ll be easier for you to set up a system in your new house.” She sounded like a modern day Mary Poppins asking me to spit spot.


Now, a professional organiser or tidier is someone who can help you declutter a physical space. Like a wardrobe, kitchen or your hoarded stash of nostalgia. Marie Kondo is a lazy yet popular example of this upcoming service in India. Just look at Instagram and you’ll now see a host of influencers asking you to buy fancy labels for your haldi.

You look at Chelsea and you know she is an organiser. You know the type – Perfect hair, clothes that match the body type, tailored to the t and carries a bag that has a place for everything. On the other side, I am convincing the world that my unkempt hair is a bedhead look.

She blocked our time and come Tuesday, sharp at 10 am, she was ready to shake some skeletons out of my closet. But, what I wasn’t ready for was how vulnerable it would feel. I had shoes, bags, chocolate boxes, hats in the same drawer – in the most chaotic way ever. She was going to see this and as a Leo, accepting my flaws isn’t my best trait.

It was a half day process for each room. I hovered around to see what was happening to my wardrobe. All the clothes were now in different categories on our four-poster bed. Long dresses, short dresses, pants, shorts and more – strewn across the room. I could see why so much of my month was left at the end of my money. I felt overwhelmed.

A messy affair

“Everything needs to have a designated place,” she dropped a golden nugget of advice. “If someone else is putting it back, put labels so they can read,” came another.

As the t-shirts made their way into tidy piles, my amygdala relaxed, and I felt more grateful. Her approach while going through my stuff was respectful and discreet. I know this because she tidied up my negligée and other sexy stuff in my hidden drawer without  any giggles. Even though I know that we have a relationship where she could have. For me, this was assuring.

Bedroom edit: Before and after


Day two of the two-day excursion required me to set up my son on a play date in a land far away from his room. The process was similar. Books, clothes, puzzles, art supplies spilt across the room. Then, as if they were given marching orders, made their way into tidy piles. Kid’s stuff is difficult. I held on to art pieces and baby clothing as nostalgia. The problem was my son paints every single day. 365 days of art couldn’t fit into my memory box. That’s where you need that strategic yet empathetic thinking of a professional.


Shelves, hangers and organizers were put to use. Art supplies made it to a new art corner. Old clothes and baby books were up for donation and toys had found their legs and heads. She did that with little input and lots of independence. It was cathartic. The house seemed lighter, and I was breathing deeper.

A designated place for everything


I have watched reruns of The Home Edit on Netflix. I thought I could pull this off without a professional. It looks easy. But, when I looked at the method of organising the madness, I realised for Chelsea it was intuitive. On the other hand, the process would overwhelm me. She folded clothes like a YouTube tutorial. Bags are arranged according to their size, type and occasion. She also sent me IKEA links for organisers recommended for my space. By the way, she introduced me to a small shop in Koramangala called Sowbaghya Traders that sold affordable boxes. VINE PRO TIP: Grab some sourdough from Sourhouse while you are there.

You can also check out our Vine guide on how to Home Edit your home here.

Chelsea Juniedi: Smiling through the mess

A professional organiser knows it’s more about the emotion than sifting through the stuff. She/he/they ask you a few questions to figure out what your endgame is. The good ones realise it’s about letting someone into your space, look at your secrets and helping you let go of stories hidden in those items. It’s never just stuff, is it? And Chelsea gets that.



Chelsea services are a end-to-end platform for organising. She can:

  • Prepare for an upcoming move by organizing everything by category so unpacking is easier

  • Organising with or without fancy products – whether you want all those see-through containers in your pantry a la Home Edit, or want to use only the space and product you already have in your home, the process is always flexible

  • Organizational product suggestions for your space that you can easily order online and start the process on your own

  • Declutter/cleanse your work stations and offices too

To get started you can get a free quotation by sending pictures/videos of your space to Chelsea via WhatsApp – +91 7022398577

You can also contact Chelsea on Instagram @organize.india


Latest update: We have moved into a house with a closet space to die for. My son is potty-trained but nannies come and go like a toxic boyfriend. My therapist is going to bill me for the next few months, but at least, my house looks well kept.


Main photo from Canva , All pictures courtesy of the author

Devika Chitnis, a broadcast journalist, covered technology, female-led startups, and lifestyle. She led editorial teams at NDTV, CNBC TV-18, YourStory, and Google, she's now is in Bangalore. Most weekends you can find her with her girlfriends talking about gender equity over a glass of white wine.


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