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After paying the price of the 90s thin-brow craze, I missed my eyebrows and was intrigued by microblading. Microblading is a semi-permanent technique for enhancing eyebrows, in which tiny needles are used to create fine, short strokes that resemble hair. A make-up tattoo, if you will. There are typically two sessions; the first defines the shape and a second, touch-up session, to fill in gaps or make any necessary tweaks.  

While there are many reputable clinics around the world, the concept of permanent makeup has not seemed to take hold in Bangalore.  There are no shortage of horror stories and almost no tried and tested recommendations, so when my friend booked a touch-up at the Everything About Aesthetics clinic in Koramangala, I was immediately filled with anxiety.   After some online research and a lot more convincing, I decided to give it a shot, because really, what could go wrong with a face tattoo? 



The process to set up an appointment was painless and efficient and I was asked to share photos of my eyebrows in advance.  When I arrived, Dr. Sajesh and I discussed what I wanted and what I should expect.  Using rulers to ensure symmetry, he drew the lines so I could confirm the shape was to my liking before microblading.  An anesthetic was applied, and after 20 minutes, he began the actual procedure.  At this point, my comfort level was high because the doctor took adequate time to explain everything and make me feel confident, but mostly because my friend’s appointment preceded mine and her eye brows looked perfect.  I’d like to take this time to publicly thank her for her courage and willingness to go first.

The procedure took slightly over an hour and I was immediately pleased with the results. Most of my friends could not tell I had them done!  Post-procedure care was straightforward and the clinic provided step-by-step instructions which made things easier.  I knew what to expect with each step of the healing process, which online says 30 days but was really about 2 weeks. They were responsive when I sent photos to confirm I was progressing as expected and answered all of my questions.   Other than a little redness, I did not have any other “side effects”.  The process itself was almost painless.



My second session took place about four weeks later since I had a beach holiday planned and immediate sun exposure is not recommended. The clinic proactively reached out to me to schedule the follow up. During the session, he did a lot of shading to give the brows a fuller look and touched up the shape a bit. Once again, he applied the anesthetic and I felt a bit more pain during the procedure, albeit minimal.  There was almost no redness this time around.  The color appeared very dark initially however, in a few days, the color tends to tone down to a more natural hue. Overall, I am quite pleased with the results and would highly recommend his clinic to anyone!


Dr. Sajesh is a master brow instructor, maxillofacial cosmetologist, and a Doctor of Dental Surgery, though he no longer practices dentistry.  He specializes in permanent make up but also offers a variety of other treatments such as lasers and botox.  For more information check out his website:


The prices range between 15K – 23K and include two sessions.


Main photo by Engin Akyurt, all other photos courtesy of author and Everything about Aesthetics Clinic

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