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Making friends in Bangalore


Now that you’ve survived the tough stuff, it’s time FIND YOUR TRIBE. Luckily, BLR is one of the easiest places to meet people, probably due to the big gap in cultural differences here.

A significant portion of people who move to Bangalore chooses to live in compound communities or apartment complexes. Here the communities are tighter, friendlier and more welcoming than we’ve experienced in other cities. Follow our friendly tips and you should be on your way to meeting new friends in no time!



Start with your local clubhouse, or pool if your building has one. You’ll be sure to run into someone there who you can chat with and get to know and ask about any weekly events that go on such as coffee mornings, monthly meetups, workout classes, etc. Make sure to find out if there are any community groups, such as a neighborhood WhatsApp/facebook group, ADDA or email list. Plan a one-on-one coffee or lunch date to thank them for all the info.

VINE TIP: We know Palm Meadows has a lot going on in terms of social weekday events such as bi-monthly coffee mornings, weekly Bollywood dance and basketball classes, monthly ladies lunches and happy hours, zentangle classes and so much more!  



Get out of your compound! While the ease of a clubhouse within walking distance is fabulous, don’t forget to leave and explore beyond. There are many social clubs in Bangalore where you’ll meet others as well as explore the city. Big clubs will organize events for members to attend such as coffee mornings, drinks and food, workshops, cultural tours and more. Some of these include The Overseas Women’s Club (OWC), 5 Oceans Club, Internationsthe French association, Japanese Club, Bangalore Wine Club etc. Most of these will usually charge either a yearly membership fee, but a pay-per-event fee is sometimes also an option. Other “groups” such as Bangalore Expat Club, Bangalore Expat Moms, Real Mums of Bangalore WhatsApp are totally free and are a great place to organize get-togethers amongst yourselves.

VINE TIP: These groups and clubs are also a great source of information! Looking to sell or buy something or have a question about where to stay on your next holiday? Chances are that one of the 265 women on Bangalore Moms or the 350 families of OWC can help answer them.



Join a sporting activity in your area! This is a great way to get to know others while also getting in shape. Perfect combo! Bollywood dancing, basketball, spin, boot camp, yoga, pilates, belly dancing, boxing, Zumba, running groups, and so many more activities are available throughout the city. Some are organized in individual compounds (clubhouse or a neighbor’s backyard) while others take place in gyms and studios. Another option is to meet people while doing your yoga teachers training course! Find out more here.

VINE TIP: We love Bollywood dance- taught by former Bollywood dancer, Shiva runs a high energy hour class in different compounds around Bangalore as well as in his own studio near Marathahalli.



Volunteer at a charity! This is a great way to get to know others while helping out for a good cause. Bangalore has a plethora of organizations doing amazing work for those in need, and one of the great things about living here in India is being able to give back directly and in a more hands-on way. From reading at children’s schools to visiting migrant tent communities to helping plan fundraising events, there is a way for everyone to contribute.

VINE TIP: Check out these great charities: Shanti Bhavan, Links for Migrant Children, proVISION Asia, Overseas Women’s Club of Bangalore, MUSE


What do YOU think is the best way to make friends in a new city? Let us know below!


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