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It’s time for us to review our third healthy food delivery company. Chefkraft’s motto is, “Great food, delivered.” so we were excited to try out the tasty meals conveniently brought to our door. More specifically, we wanted to check out their Keto subscription plan. The ketogenic diet is a high-fat and low-carbohydrate diet which encourages your body to burn fats instead of carbs. 


COMPANY NAME:  Chefkraft 

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Chefkraft uses two in-house chefs; Chef Xerxes who specializes in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern + Italian cuisine, and Chef Surajit that specializes in Indian and Pan Asian cuisine. Combined they try to put out new menus every week filled with high-quality ingredients sourced directly from farms or importers as much as they can. They get all their fresh farm requirements from First Agro which promises zero pesticide ingredients. They keep their ingredients portioned and clearly labeled in food grade packaging so you know what goes into the food you’re eating.

TYPE OF FOOD: Keto, Low Carb, Healthy, Fresh


PRICE: Rs. 200-300 for salads, Rs. 180-190 for soups, Rs. 225-350 for mains, Rs. 340-360 for Keto combos of salad and main. Pricing packages are available which are discounted pricing for a certain number of meals, see more here

ORDERING OPTIONS: A la carte Burgers & Sandwiches, Soups & Salads, Mains, Snacks,  Desserts, Smoothies, and Meal plans

DELIVERY SCHEDULE: Delivery is done by their own team  within 45 minutes to Indira Nagar, Koramangala, CV Raman Nagar, Jeevan Beema Nagar, MG Road, Ulsoor, HAL Airport Road between 10:30 AM and 9:30 PM daily, 

Order cut off times for Rest of Bangalore

  • 11am for 12pm – 2pm slot

  • 1pm for 3pm – 5pm slot

  • 6pm for 7pm – 9pm slot

WHY WE LOVE IT: Chefkraft serves a very wide variety of guilt-free meals

GREAT FOR: Healthy meals, yummy options for the whole family including kids, a great intro for people who want to start eating clean, meal plans for dedicated keto diets

CONTACT: Check out their website or Instagram 




DAY 1: 

Mediterranean Veg Salad + Veg Augratin

INGREDIENTS: Salad with tomato, cucumber, onion. Cream sauce with carrot, zucchini, capsicum

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Energy (KCal)-538 Net Carbs (g)-16.7  Protein (g)-27.5  Fat (g)-39.5 

First day, super excited to see what I received. The gravy with vegetable was way tastier than it looks. Very creamy which suits the Keto diet well. The seasoning was very well balanced, not too salt not too spicy however very rich in overall taste. The basic salad on the side gives a good variation in food texture and served as excellent side salad. Overall, very balanced meal and with 538 kcal you are full until next morning.



DAY 2: 

Grilled Pesto Salad + Parmigiana with Sautéed Vegetables

INGREDIENTS: Salad with tomato parmesan and chickpeas. Parmigiana with cheese, tomato sauce and stir-fried vegetables (broccoli, carrot, capsicum)

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Energy (KCal)-647 Net Carbs (g)-13.2 Protein (g)-54.3  Fat (g)-40.8 

I had some doubts with this dish at the start as it mentioned “Chicken Parmigiana” however with a Vegetarian label. I had my husband give it a try and we bet it was vegetarian just with the wrong label. The dish was very tasty and keto friendly with a good amount of cheese. Also, plenty of stir fried vegetables that were well seasoned (basic but tasty) to accompany the parmigiana and give a distinct bite compared to the cheesy creaming component. The salad on the side was refreshing. I would not have added the chickpeas as it did not add anything to the salad though. As the main dish was already very rich in taste salad can be basic and on the side. Pesto dressing was lush! Very tasty and made fresh. Easy on the garlic luckily!  A plate does the meals better than plastic containers.



DAY 3: 

Thai Style Veg Salad + Burmese Veg Curry and Cauliflower Rice

INGREDIENTS: Thai salad with marinated tofu, carrot, corn, and a fish sauce/soya dressing. Cauliflower rice with coconut gravy including beans, carrots, and mushrooms.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Energy (KCal)-526.9 Net Carbs (g)-12.6  Protein (g)-19.4  Fat (g)-42.2

Having just returned from a holiday in Thailand, I’m obviously missing their local cuisine. While reading this label I got excited as I love Cauli rice (amazing substitute when you are on calorie or carb restriction) and the Thai salad. My excitement was correct as this meal was amazing. I ended up sharing it with my husband as he really liked it too. The salad is very well seasoned with the Thai style dressing, it has the sourness of fish sauce, the saltiness from soya, the sweet from hoisin (I think) and some nice chilies to finish on spice. The tofu was well marinated and the crispy carrot ensured the salad not being boring. Now the main dish… Cauli Rice well prepared (not too long/too short) the gravy was SUPER tasty. You definitely tasted south India/Burmese Coconut influences and a rich flavored spice mix. The veggies in the curry were well cooked, not too long and still had a good bite. My favourite dish so far!




DAY 4:

Chickpea Tomato Pesto Salad + Creamy Lemon Herb Cottage Cheese with Sauteed Vegetables

INGREDIENTS: Salad with tomato, parmesan cheese, chickpeas and pesto dressing. Cottage cheese with broccoli, carrot, capsicum and creamy lemon sauce

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Energy (KCal)-462.7 Net Carbs (g)-15.1  Protein (g)-24.1  Fat (g)-38.7 

The basic salad felt a bit boring. As a “boring” side it would be fine but then no unnecessary carbs (like the chickpeas) should be present at it is still a Keto meal. The paneer steak was okay. The sautéed vegetables were nice and baked crispy, not overcooked. The lemon sauce that came with it… I don’t know. I’d see this sauce match well with fish but to accompany with paneer (which has quite a flat taste of its own). That said with the sauce aside the meal was nourishing and surprisingly filling for the number of calories. I have never felt this satisfied with 460 kcal a meal.



DAY 5:

Chickpea Tomato Pesto Salad + Captain K’s Cottage Cheese with Asian Greens

INGREDIENTS: Salad with tomato, parmesan cheese, chickpeas, and pesto dressing. Cottage cheese with broccoli, beans, bean sprouts, and sauce

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Energy (KCal)-470.4 Net Carbs (g)-10.5  Protein (g)-23  Fat (g)-34,4 

Paneer again, which is my favorite protein/fat source when on keto. I don’t know exactly what this Captain K’s marinade is, but what I do know is that I like it a lot. It is very tasty and a bit spicy, I think the base is capsicum powder with chili and curry powder. The veggies were very well prepared and sautéed in an Asian sauce, I think the basis was soy. Very rich in flavor. Although the paneer seasoning did not exactly match the Asian style veggies it resulted in a surprising meal with a lot of different tastes. Being on keto or another diet I always love these surprising tastes and structures of food as it tends to get boring sometimes.




After testing 5 dinner meals from Chefkraft over a timespan of a full week, I can conclude that I’m positively surprised. The side salads are washed well, always fresh and crispy. The combination of salad with the main meal is a good mixture combining flavors and structures and never having a boring meal. Although I have my personal favorites I think all meals were prepared well. Specifically, I enjoyed the al dente bite for most of the vegetables as often I find them overcooked due to delivery time and reheating. As said, the salad could use some more variation, but it was always tasty and no need to be exciting as a side salad. The seasoning for all the meals was unique and well balanced. I’m not a fan of too much salt, which I have not found on any of the dishes. My absolute favorite was the Cauliflower Rice with Burmese Curry. If you do try ordering from Chefkraft, make sure you order this one!

The delivery was always smooth (no unnecessary calls) and on time. I got my dinner delivered around 5:00 PM daily which was well in time for my dinner time. A quick heat-up in the microwave made the meal taste fresh and warm again.

This meal plan is promoted as Keto. If you are on strict Keto <20 grams of carbs a day these meals contain too many carbs. Unnecessary additions like the chickpeas should be ideally taken out to limit your carb intake. However, if you are on Low Carb, healthy and clean lifestyle the meals from Chefkraft are a good alternative to home cooking or (unhealthy) take away.

I would rate it 8.5/10 on healthy food delivery.





Main photo from fahrwasser

Florentina (Floor) lives with her husband Tom and dog Roti in Bellandur, Bangalore. She works as an IT professional and loves travelling and tasting cultures. After 2 world trips and a lot of travels through South East Asia, South America, Africa, and Europe, her assignment in Bangalore is the perfect way to explore India and the surrounding region. Favorite activities whilst travelling include sports: scuba diving, skiing, hiking, running and mountain biking, to compensate for the nice dinners, cooking classes and tasting of local specialties.


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