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Meat in India. This was something a lot of us worried about before moving over here.

Bangalore may be a vegetarian’s dream, but it doesn’t have to be a carnivore’s nightmare. Sure there are a ton fewer options, especially when it comes to beef, veal, duck, and pork but there are a few choices. Chicken and mutton are definitely the most common here. And while it’s a great time to practice the “Meatless Monday” mentality as much as possible, if you’re like us, it’ll definitely leave you craving a nice piece of meat.

Here are our top picks of where to get meat in Bangalore!


*UPDATE AS OF OCTOBER 2019: Bangalore is currently in a weird state of limbo while the government discusses banning the sale of beef in the state of Karnataka. Beef supply was shortly stopped but returned to most of our sources on the list, while some businesses claimed they will never be receiving it again, and others continuing to sell. Nothing has been confirmed yet but this could change in the near future. We apologize for any discrepancies in the list below concerning to beef sources! 





A name synonymous with being one of BLR’s best meat shops and if you were to visit this small shop near MG Road you’d see why. ‘Sterile’ is not a word used to describe a lot of things here but it can be said about this shop. Clean white counters and stainless steel drawered fridges, you can trust that the meat coming from here has been handled with the utmost of care. The pricing is on the higher side but for the quality you can’t fault it. Choose from meats including Ribeye Steaks, Lamb Chops, Pork Chops and Imported Cold Cuts like Serrano Ham, Salami Milano and US Style Rindless Bacon. They also sell Imported Sausages and Ready to Fry Items. Depending on where you live, the best option is to call or message the store 1-2 hours before sending your driver with a cooler box or passing by after a day in town. Find a copy of the menu here.

BEST FOR: Beef and Chicken

THE VINE TIP: Their Smoked Turkey Breast is definitely the best we’ve found in Bangalore! 

Bamburies, 39/1, Richmond Road, 560025, Tel: 80253 01949/ 80255 52949,


We love the Marriott Whitefield and this lobby cafe/deli is a big reason why. The WBC as it’s called, sources a great high-quality selection of meats and fish, bread and pastries, freshly made pasta. We especially love the beef tenderloin which has never been anything short of fresh and delicious. Their Delicatessen Menu includes Parma Ham, Cured Chorizo, Pepperoni, Salami and more. Beef Tenderloin Patties, Lamb Leg Deboned, Pork Belly, Whole Chicken, and Chicken Sausages are some of their popular products. The Marriott’s executive chef is currently working on updating their retail menu to include more cuts of beef and other meat items.

BEST FOR: Beef Tenderloin

THE VINE TIP: With the recent increase in prices, being an OWC member pays off and gets you a 15% discount!

Whitefield Baking Company, Whitefield Marriott, 8th Rd, EPIP Zone, Whitefield, 560066, Tel: 80494 35233/ 88841 91432


New Frosty’s has been around for a long time- the two retail outlets are a trusted favorite for expats and locals alike. The offer Meat, Mutton, Pork, Poultry as well as Premium Meat Cuts and Processed Foods. Don’t be put off by the stores themselves, the products are totally fine but it may not be as ‘pristine’ as you would imagine a meat shop to be. Sometime’s it may be better to just send your driver to pick it up… They now also have an online ordering and delivery service to select areas.

BEST FOR: Chicken Products

New Frosty’s, #5, 80ft. Road, Michael Palya, Indiranagar Post, 560038, Tel: 80252 83024 / 80411 61939
5, Thubarahalli, Varthur Main Road, Whitefield, 560066, Tel: 80285 25577


This is the place to get all your pork- a Bangalore institution since 1936 this is where most Bangaloreans (and some five-star hotels) get their pork products! The humble little shop sells about 125-140 kg of pork daily! Fresh products brought in from their own farm nearby Chintamani outside Bangalore ranging from Chops, Spare Ribs, Mince, Belly as well as all the breakfast favorites such as Sliced Bacon, Smoked Ham, Salami and a variety of Sausages (Spiced, Frankfurters, Cocktail, Goan, and more). 

BEST FOR: Everything Pork

Bangalore Ham Shop, 106, MG Road, Tel: 80255 88686 
48, Hutchin’s Road, St. Thomas Town, Tel: 80254 66377 



While Food Hall is a great place for many hard-to-get items here in Bangalore, it is not necessarily our first choice for meat. That being said, it’s also not the worst place. So while you may be wondering why it’s included in this list, we think it’s a good option to have especially if you are already there and don’t have time to order ahead or send someone across town to Bamburies or wherever. Food Hall offers a small selection of deli meats, chicken and sausages for when you are in a pinch. 

THE VINE TIP: Due to their high prices, their meat selection does not move as quickly so be sure to ask for the freshest pieces!

BEST FOR: Convenient Chicken Purchases

Food Hall- VR, Ground Floor, VR Mall, Whitefield Main Rd, Mahadevapura, 560048, Tel: 80465 24155
Food Hall– 1MG,1, MG Road, Someshwarpura, Ulsoor, 560008, Tel: 80220 86533




We love Toscano’s Deli Shop which is available at UB City and Forum Neighborhood Mall in Whitefield. They offer a huge selection of things that are difficult to find here including some great raw meat such as BBQ Marinated Chicken, Pesto Marinated Chicken, Marinated Lamb Chops, and Marinated Beef Tenderloin. You’ll also find Pepperoni and Parma Ham on the list!

BEST FOR: Marinated Meats

Toscano – Whitefield, Forum Value Mall 2nd Floor, Whitefield Main Road, Whitefield, Tel: 80259 39224
Toscano – U.B.City, The Collection – U.B. City, Level II, Concord Block, 24, Vittal Mallya Road, Tel: 80417 38800


This charming, old-school restaurant is one of Bangalore’s favorite steakhouses so it’s no surprise that the quality of meat they retail is also high. We can especially recommend the ever hard to find Beef cuts here supplied from Abba Foods. From Bulgogi, Steak Burgers, Tenderloin Fillets, Rib Eye Steaks and Slices, Tenderloin Cubes, and T-Bones to more premium cuts such as Filet Mignon, we have yet to be disappointed in the meat we’ve served at home from Portland’s. They also offer a large selection of Chicken, Mutton, and Turkey. 

BEST FOR: Rare Beef Cuts

Portland Steakhouse, 1st Cross Road, No1, Brunton Rd, Ashok Nagar, 560025, Tel: 80255 93405, Facebook Page




Meatigo should be the go-to meat delivery service for everyone in Bangalore! Super simple process, and delivery throughout the city, within 90 minutes for most areas if done during the early part of the day. You can get all your staples fresh or frozen, as well as excellent pre-marinated chicken, fish, and shrimp kebabs. Meatigo has their own stock both local and imported and carries Prasurma seafood, meats, sausages and cold cuts which are perfect for quick grilling, barbequing, or heating when in a rush. 

For those who like to BBQ, they have fantastic pork and buff cuts, and great sausages – the pork breakfast sausages and the bacon-cheese-stuffed sausages are some crowd favorites. Lastly, their burgers are to die for! Minced, marinated and packaged, can be thrown straight onto the grill or pan frozen. Pork stuffed with bacon, Chicken parm and jalapeno, and buff stuffed with cheddar, sear on both sides for 3-4 minutes each, cover for some smokey flavor, and indulge with a smear of sriracha mayo on a bun for a great afternoon with an ICE COLD PINT.

BEST FOR: Burgers, pre-marinated chicken

On app or



Meisterwurst is a German-owned food company that specializes in German Deli style meats- specifically Pork Products. Using German processing techniques coupled with imported spices and casings, they promise the taste won’t compare to the competition. Sausage varieties include Bratwurst, Nuremberg, Frankfurter, Bockwurst, and Spicy Sausage. People also love their Ham (Smoked, Honey Roasted, and Black Forest Ham), Salami (Cured Chorizo, Knaxx, and Pepperoni) and Bacon (Streaky, Breakfast and Back). They also offer Chicken alternatives such as Chicken Bacon, Chicken Sausages and Meatloaf. Delivery can be made the same day by ordering from the WhatsApp Groups or you can also find their products in select Metro outlets and Nature’s Baskets. While people may love the taste, not everyone likes their higher than most pricing.

BEST FOR: Sausages, Pork Products



Licious is an easy to use app where you can order Chicken, Lamb & Goat as well as other Exotic Meats and Seafood straight home at great pricing. Licious prides themselves on fresh products and quick delivery- with normal delivery within 2 hours of ordering. Every box is said to contain meat that is vacuum-sealed and chilled between 0-4 degrees C, certified 100% Halal cut and chemical and preservative-free. We love the fact that we can still get home at 4 PM and order and be able to have fresh chicken delivered and cooked by 6:30 PM.

BEST FOR: Chicken Breast, Chicken Lollipops



Nandu’s free-range chickens are raised on a farm in Harohalli about 80kms outside Bangalore which has been around since 1963. They promise that their Chicken is free of hormones, steroids, and antibiotic residue. Nandu’s has over 15 locations throughout Bangalore as well as offering speedy delivery and online ordering. People love the quality and value for money for Nandu’s farm-fresh products.

BEST FOR: Chicken



Fresh To Home buys their fish and meat directly from farmers and fishermen and therefore guarantees that their Fish products don’t have Ammonia or Formaline and their Meat is Antibiotic and Hormone-free! With same day delivery usually possible and a 120-minute express options on many products, you will find Poultry, Mutton, and Fish & Seafood items available (no beef) on their website or easy to use App.

BEST FOR: Chicken and Lamb



Jason is usually our go-to FISH and SEAFOOD guy. And everyone else’s too. But as this article is only focusing on meats, we won’t mention that and stick to the seasonal meat products that we love from Aquamarine. Come Fall, this is one of the best options to get your holiday birds and ham. They source European and US Whole Turkeys (Butterball from the US, Turkey Breast Fillet from Spain), Hams (Smoked Leg- Holland, Cooked Reserva Roasted Ham from Spain) as well as Whole Duck from Thailand. If you need to order this any other time of year, contact Jason to see what they can arrange! Throughout the rest of the year you will also get bacon, ham, pepperoni, cocktail sausages, hotdogs, meatballs, and more in both Chicken and Pork options. Belgium Pork Chops, Baby Back Ribs and Pork Belly and Australian Lamb Racks and Shanks are other specialty items they carry.

BEST FOR: Fish and Seafood but for the sake of this article, Whole Butterball Turkey and Roasted Ham

WhatsApp or call Jason at 99860 86392/99860 86527 for delivery



Brown Apron is another great option for fresh meat delivery which you can easily order via the app, online or by calling. With delivery all over Bangalore, delivery happens between 7 AM- 11 AM and 2 PM- 5 PM (cutoff time for morning slot is midnight the night before, and 1 PM for the afternoon slot). All the meat is halal and guaranteed to be packed the same day. Chicken, Mutton, and Cold Cuts are available as well as Quail (no beef). Their chicken options include both Farm Range (naturally fed, preservative free) and Organic (raised in natural environment farms). For their mutton options, you’ll be able to choose from Bannur Lamb (a higher than normal muscle-to-fat ratio and superior quality), Goat, and Hyderabadi Goat. They also offer a selection of chicken based Cold Cuts such as Salami and Sausages.

BEST FOR: Bannur Lamb

Tel: 80330 13216, on app,






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We love to check out anything from new spots, old favorites, hidden gems, and obvious chains to find the best that Bangalore has to offer! We've been new before, to this city and to many others, but we know that there are always new favorites waiting to be found...


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