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Laetitia is a true global citizen and a passionate community builder. Born in Belgium with Belgian/Filipino heritage, her journey has woven a rich tapestry of experiences across the world. Laetitia’s formative years were spent in the United States. Since then, she has embarked on adventures that have led her to live in Spain, France (where she met her British husband), England, and, before moving to Bangalore in June 2023, in Shanghai, where she resided for 7 years. Laetitia is dedicated to uniting diverse international communities and helping expats flourish. She and her husband have 2 young boys and live in North Bangalore. With a fervent desire to foster connections and cultivate communities, she has recently embraced the role of Membership VP and Social Media Lead for the International Club of Bangalore (formerly OWC). Professionally, her background lies in the People Development & Learning sphere, and she is currently obtaining her coaching certification.

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