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If you are expecting or just had a baby, shopping for a new human is the most fun and the most stressful experience. Even if you had babies outside of India, you might wonder what is out there on the Indian market. To help make the shopping easier and more efficient, The Vine team compiled the mega list of our favorite brands. Happy shopping!



Philips Avent

If you plan on bottle-feeding at some point, Philips Avent has a wide range of bottles from slow to faster flows. If you skip the bottle, they also have a nice selection of straw and sippy cups that are leak-proof.

Find the feeding bottles here and the sippers/straw cups here.

Dr. Brown’s

Another world-wide favorite, Dr. Brown’s is readily available here as well. Famous for anti-colic bottles with or without the vent, it will help soothe fussy babies (or give you a sense of control over what is ultimately totally out of control). Look for pacifiers, teethers and baby cups as well.


Munchkin is a popular brand for those that prefer no sippy cup and want to go straight to a “cup” experience without the mess. A selection of 360 degree trainer cups is something every household with 6+ month olds will have in the kitchen cupboard. Note: my son took a while to get a hang of the Munchkin cup, so we had a variety of different sippy cups so he could practice.


They aren’t cheap but moms of picky babies love these breast-like (yes, that’s what they’re shaped like) silicone bottles for when you’ve tried all of the other bottle options. Miniroo stocks them here.


The most famous breast pumps are available in India as well! Philips Avent, Medela and Haakaa are all some of our personal favorites. Choose between manual and electric, single and double and pumping should be a breeze. Don’t forget to get your pump fitted if you feel like it’s not working properly! Lactation consultants should be able to help you with that. Medela also has breast milk storage bags if you are one of the lucky moms who can build up a decent freezer stash.

The Vine pro tip: waste not, want not. We love the Haakaa for catching the let down milk from the opposite breast of the one you’re feeding the baby on.



Excellent one-stop-shop for most of your needs, I particularly like the glider and the cribs. Colors are neutral, materials are good quality and the customer support is great. Great for things that you will be using for a while and want a nicer quality.

Little Bird

Cutest Indian furniture brand for babies and kids. Their toddler floor beds and desks are adorable. For babies, look for co-sleeping beds that can be attached to your bed and great changing tables with storage, because there is never enough storage.


It’s finally here and the legend says it delivers to Bangalore! It is a bit like playing the lottery right now, with demand outstripping the supply, but once the initial wave of shopping subsides, it is our favorite for basics and amazing toy storage solutions! Their Trofast range is legendary and can be found in nurseries around the world, for a good reason. Get your baskets ready!




Masilo is a born-in-India brand which makes high-quality, organic bedding and bath linens (among other baby and kid items). Their products are gorgeous, but also on the pricier side, but in our experience, they’re long lasting and worth the extra splurge!


Safe, chemical-free, and gender-neutral muslin bath towels and washcloths made by a fellow Bangalore mommy. We love their hooded towels and light-weight sleep sacks.

The Vine pro tip: check out their matching mommy and me masks if you have bigger babies! Stay safe in style.

The Baby Atelier

Massive selection of bedding, hooded towels and sleep sacks, as well as pajamas and cute decor and furniture. We love their Victorian nightgowns, which look like something princess Charlotte would wear!


The softest baby blankets, swaddles and washcloths. I love bamboo fabrics, they’re as soft as a cloud. Cocoon has a lovely selection of cute minimal designs, great for gifting and for keeping.



You can get all of the big brands in India, like Huggies and Pampers. These are some of our favorite brands, be it for cloth diapering parents or for regular diapering.


Cloth diapering made simple for babies size newborn onwards. For newborns we suggest the Newborn starter pack and langots. For 5kg-17kg we suggest the Freesize Uno. Potty trainers can also stay in cloth diapers with their selection of padded underwear.


Bumpadum cloth diapers are a great option for those looking to rid landfills of disposable diapers. This Made in India brand has options for newborns onwards and we especially like their 4Night Prefold for heavy wetters


I am not a cloth diapering mama, but I am an environment-conscious mama. Allter is a locally made bamboo diaper, super thin and super absorbent. We have been using it since day one and never had a rash or a blowout. They are a bit on the pricey side but worth it. Allter also makes skincare products and wet wipes.

Mother Sparsh

These wet wipes are a favorite at our mommy and me playdates. They are extra thick, 99% water and unscented, which is shockingly hard to come by! They come in multipacks as well, making it a great option for stocking up. It is shocking how many wet wipes we go through in a day. Shocking.



A beautiful homegrown brand, Maate is 100% natural and super gentle for babies. It also comes in beautiful earthy packaging and smells amazing. We love their massage oil and might have been caught stealing some of the baby’s shampoo as well!


Mama Earth

Mamaearth is great for everything: diapers, cosmetics, insect repellents and mom’s cosmetics as well. Truly a one stop shop brand if you’re looking for natural solutions to all of your beauty needs.

The Vine pro tip: Look for their mosquito patches to put on the crib, baby carrier or stroller! They are deet-free, last for up to 12h and really work!

The Mom’s Co

Another great all-natural brand with everything for mom and baby. We especially like their mosquito repellent and gift packages for moms-to-be.

Who doesn’t love multiple use products? Cut down on plastic, cut down on time and simplify your baby’s routine with 2 in 1 shampoo and shower gel and 3 in 1 baby laundry detergent. Both smell amazing and are great to use for adults as well.


You will almost never use a stroller in India, except when you go brunching in a hotel or if you live in a gated community. What you will use heavily however is a baby carrier. This is an item worth investing in!


KolKol moms and dads swear by it! The prints are super cute, they have excellent back support and they are perfect for our balmy weather.

Soul Slings

India’s ergonomic baby carriers, Soul Slings are also socially and environmentally conscious. They have online babywearing sessions if you are unsure about the fit and your needs- take advantage of them because when done correctly, babywearing can really change your life!

Godilo by Masilo

Masilo features heavily on this list for a reason- everything they make is a hit. The godilo is a fabric carrier without loops and buckles, and it’s a bit of a hit and miss in our mom circles. Some moms love it, for some it just doesn’t work. The carrier stretches considerably so it will only fit one parent! I loved it when my baby was just born but moved onto more supportive carriers later on.




The cutest, softest baby rattles ever! Perfect for tiny baby hands. They also have a great range of travel toys for bigger kids.

Shumee Toys

Wooden toys made in Bangalore. They have a wide range of Waldorf-inspired toys, such as the balancing board. For tiny ones, we love the clutch ball and organic rattles.

Clever Fox

Gorgeous scandi-inspired brand with adorable rompers, shirts, hanging toys and cuddle blankets. We love their hanging toys for minimalistic baby gyms!


The softest cotton toys ever! Also check out their storage baskets which make a great addition to any playroom.

Ariro Toys

Another beautiful wooden toy store, based on Montessori philosophies. We love the Montessory shelf, learning towers and jungle gyms!



Super modern baby clothes with a great attention to detail. You will want everything! Colors and cuts feel modern and not “too much”, which can quite often be the case with baby clothes. They also have a twinning collection, so go matchy-matchy with the bub!


The bomber jackets! The old school PJs! The patch elbow sweaters! Obori is modern in a timeless way and it’s super kid-friendly with pockets big enough for all the treasures they find on their adventures.


Natural dyes, thoughtful designs and a gender-neutral aesthetic make Aagghhoo a Vine team favorite. The designs are perfect for Indian weather and the natural colors are just beautiful. This is organic and slow fashion at its best.


Sushi and avocado themed newborn sets. Need we say more? The clothes are adorable and cleverly made to grow with the baby. Excellent gift for a special new baby in your life.

Cot & Candy

Kimono gowns, swaddles and onesies in the most beautiful earthy colors. Also, the most amazing hair bands and beanies for babies! We feel a photoshoot coming…

Clever Fox

Cutest onsies and overalls! We love their super on-trend tie dye rompers, ice cream prints and personalized rompers. Clever Fox is famous for their Scandi approach to design and it translates to their effortlessly cool baby clothes.


Sure, we are all BLW, organic, real food parents here… But sometimes… You just need a pouch of vegetable puree to get you through the day. Here are our favorite brands.

The Growing Giraffe

Yummy natural bars and cookies, perfect for on the go snacking and post-playdate fueling. With 0 refined sugar and additives, these are our favorite cookies to snack on both for us and the baby!


Slurrp Farm

Pancake batters, porridges, baby cereal and natural sweeteners make this mom-owned brand a crowd favorite. We especially like their cake batters, with no maida and no eggs!

First Bite

Pediatrician-recommended brand of baby cereal with 0 added sugar. You can find it in pharmacies, on their website or on Amazon. My baby is crazy about the maida cereal and the rice cereal- mash a banana and you’re good to go!

Early Foods

Great cookies and porridges, but what we especially like are the teething sticks! They ease the discomfort of teething while exposing the baby to new flavours.

The Vine pro tip: try their range of snacks for expecting and new moms to make sure you get that calcium in!



Tiny Trove

We love personalized everything. Tiny Trove has a lovely selection of personalized toys, decor and gifts. Check them out around Christmas time for First Christmas decor!


The most beautiful art for nurseries! Bold designs, bold colors and oh so modern. Their milestone cards and birthday books make for amazing keepsakes and gifts!


The contrast cards are a godsend for tummy time and changing diapers. We also love the Mamas & Pappas in the Wild board books and the giant floor puzzle.

The Vine pro tip: they also have lovely printable posters for quick playroom decor upgrades.

Auntie Alie

 The Insta sensation Alicia Souza does the cutest illustrations. Look for decals, posters and contrast cards, as well as adorable bedding. We love the Nice Alphabet posters!



The Nestery

The ultimate one stop shop for all you baby needs. Toys, carriers, cloth diapers, books, everything under one roof.

The Vine pro tip: their gift cards are an amazing gift for new parents!

The Mom Store

Another Vine team favorite, great selection of brands and goodies for mom and baby alike. They also stock a good selection of maternity clothes.

Baby Amore

Home of international brands such as Gerber, Burt’s Bees and Aveeno. Excellent selection of the world’s most trusted brands!

Beautifully curated site which sells a bunch of local indie brands. A total pleasure to browse and shop from, not just for babies but for everyone and everything. We dare you to buy just what you came for!


A Chennai-based site, Miniroo stocks the best local and global brands, from Stokke to GWD Kids, Sophie La Girafe and Babyzen strollers. Beautifully curated and well laid out, it’s a lovely one stop shop for your baby needs. We especially appreciate the STEM toys section, as well as the section for differently abled children.

Mama And Peaches 

Quick deliveries, good customer service and a great maternity selection, Mamas And Peaches should definitely be in your baby-shopping arsenal. They stock a nice selection of keepsakes, such as Letters To My Child for all us sentimental mamas!



Babies outgrow everything so, so fast. That fancy Babybjorn bouncer you brought from abroad? Yeah, the baby will only use it for like three months. Enter the wonderful world of preloved baby gear! You can get almost anything you want at great prices and in great condition. Also, make some extra baby clothes pocket money by selling the stuff your baby outgrew. These are our favorites.

The Vine pro tip: second hand is the way to go for strollers in India!

Twice Treasured

A great Insta page with a massive selection of preloved baby gear, from toys and books to some amazing finds that you cannot get in India, like Mamaroo and Babybjorn. Keep a close eye on what you want because the goods move fast!


WhatsApp + Facebook Groups

There are plenty of Whatsapp groups around, with the most popular being almost always full. Ask your mom friends to keep and eye out on openings and send you the invite links. Always ask for more pictures and videos to make sure you are getting the product in good condition! Facebook marketplace is a great place to scout, especially in summer when a lot of expats leave the country and are looking to offload some of their stuff.


Yes, there are many amazing local brands and we love them dearly. However, sometimes you just need affordable basics! After all, babies grow like crazy. Luckily, we have access to the same brands as the rest of the world and with online shopping and fast deliveries, your basics are just a click away. Some favorites include Conscious H&M multipacks, Zara cords and Baby Gap basics. M&S also has really cute zipper onesies (and we all know zippers rule). First Cry has everything under the sun, but a really bad user interface, so use only when patient! Amazon is the safest bet for most of the things you need, especially when you need them fast– midnight diaper emergency anyone? Amazon is also a great place to build your baby wish list, especially if you have a lot of friends and family abroad who would like to get something for the baby.

We love to check out anything from new spots, old favorites, hidden gems, and obvious chains to find the best that Bangalore has to offer! We've been new before, to this city and to many others, but we know that there are always new favorites waiting to be found...


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