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While baking cookies, crafting and mandatorily spending ages removing the glitter from basically everywhere, zoom meeting with family and friends while looking for options to keep the kids entertained, the author of this article aka me used her not-so-ample time to A) to think about her life choices which automatically led her to B) try to find ways to get into a decent Christmas mood without getting too worked up.

The prerequisite for whatever that would be was – for me- a well made Christmasy cocktail strong enough to feel ‘merry’ but also well balanced enough so I wouldn’t feel that I was about to meet my creator the next morning. I browsed around, tested, twerked and now am happy to share my most loved 3 recipes.

*You might wonder why the ingredient lists suggest 4 servings. Well, I went the fast lane here using a blender for bigger portions easily upgradeable to pitcher size (8-10servings). Sure you can break it down to single servings. You can also reduce the amount of incorporated ice if you are looking for a less slushy less diluted consistency or if you only serve with ice cubes in the glass and only use a cocktail shaker. However, in my case, it’s the more the merrier!



You might want to decorate the glasses, jugs or cups with a sugar rim. Just use the wedge of a lime moving it along the rim, turn the glass around and dip the wet rim in a small bowl with sugar or colorful sprinkles. Let it dry for about 1 hour. 

If you have fresh or thawed cranberries put them in a small bowl with a few spoons of lemon juice then add 2 spoons of sugar and crust them like a schnitzel. Put them on a plate on parchment paper and let them dry; those will become handy later.




cranberries fresh or frozen for decoration (sugar-crusted as described above)

240ml cranberry juice

180ml silver Tequila (or white rum)

120ml triple sec (or Cointreau)

65ml fresh squeezed lime juice

4-6 cups of ice cubes ( depending on the slushiness level you like to achieve)

a handful of mint leaves for decoration


Put all ingredients except the cranberries and mint leaves in the blender and blend until the drink has a smooth and slushy consistency. Garnish with some sugar-crusted cranberries and a few mint leaves for the mistletoe look.

TIP – make it a yummy mocktail and replace the tequila with sprite and the triple sec with water. 




240ml cranberry juice

60ml freshly squeezed lime juice

180m orange or citrus vodka

90ml triple sec ( or Cointreau) 

30ml gingerbread sirup (scroll down for recipe) 

20 ice cubes 

thin orange peels to decorate or a few more of the sugar-crusted cranberries 


Put all liquid ingredients and ice cubes into the blender. Blend until you reach the wanted consistency, add more ice to have it like a slush. Decorate with orange peel and or sugar crusted cranberries.

TIP: replace vodka with water and triple sec with sprite to make it a refreshing mocktail


200g caster sugar/ granulated sugar or demerara sugar ( for more caramelly flavor)

250ml water

2 Tsp honey

2 cinnamon sticks

1 Tsp freshly grated ginger

4 peppercorn or allspice berries

2 WHOLE cloves

thin peel of a small orange 

Put all ingredients into a saucepan and let it simmer not boil until the sugar has dissolved fully. cover the ot and let it cool. strain it into a clean bottle or jar ( shelflife 2 weeks in the fridge)


3.) GIN-GLE BELLS GIN & TONIC (yields 4)


240ml Gin 

280ml tonic

60ml spiced syrup

100ml orange juice

6 cups ice

rosemary twigs, sugar-crusted cranberries and orange pieces for decoration


Put all liquid ingredients and ice cubes into the blender. Blend until you reach the wanted consistency, add more ice to have it more diluted like a very refreshing slush. Decorate with a slice of orange, sugar-crusted cranberries and a rosemary twig.

TIP: replace the gin with water to make it a yummy mocktail.


200g caster sugar/ granulated sugar or demerara sugar ( for more caramelly flavor)

250ml water

1 tsp WHOLE allspice

1 tsp WHOLE cloves

2 cinnamon sticks

Put all ingredients into a saucepan and let it simmer not boil until the sugar has dissolved fully. cover the ot and let it cool. strain it into a clean bottle or jar ( shelflife 2 weeks in the fridge)



if you can’t be bothered with all the preparations we got you covered as well Bonomi and Tulleeho (see below) will deliver some ready made boxes to your doorstep providing everything ( besides the ice ) to make a bunch of lovely cocktails

or maybe you want to take cocktails to the next level. with … you can attend cocktail classes (Tulleehoo has online classes!) creating your own signature cocktails. and learning the ropes of cocktail mixing conveniently from the comfort of your home.

Now you need to serve those bad boys in something cool… see next section.





Because everyone needs to sip a cocktail out of a torso glass- or any of their other cool glasses! You’ll also find sexy classic drink glasses, decanters, beer and shot glasses and more! A must check out for sure!



Nicobar never lets us down, and their barware section is no exception. We love the cool bottle stoppers, agate pieces and gorgeous modern gold pieces.

Nicobar, 4 Walton Road and Forum Shantiniketan, Hoodi, Whitefield Main Road,



A must-visit if you’re looking for a solid bar set: including trays, ice bucket, shakers, tongs, jiggers and other tools to make the classics. Plus elegant stem and glassware in various colors that you wouldn’t easily find elsewhere.

Pure Home and Living, 1MG Road Mall, Trinity Circle, 12, Swami Vivekananda Road,



A hip collection of copper, brass, and silver metal pieces in different spirit, wine and flutes, to bar tools and coolers! A style that will work surprisingly well for both classic and modern homes.

Ellementry, 12th Main, 80 feet road,2nd Stage, Indiranagar,



For those who like to serve their cocktails with a bit of quirkiness, you’ll find plenty of funky coasters, whimsical glass stirrers and pretty cutwork glasses!

Freedom Tree, #301, 6th Main, 4th Cross Rd, Defence Colony, Indiranagar,



For something a little more opulent, check out Oma’s collection of designer drink ware. Beautifully crafted and exquisitely sourced from the different ends of the world. We adore their trays to perfectly complete that elegant look.

Oma Living, The Collection 2nd Floor, U.B. City Vittal Mallaya Road,



Cerveza, Whiskey, Grappa, Cognac, Martini draft goblets and more! You’ll be sure to find your desired glassware (decanters and. ice buckets) in the 16 pages of their glassware section!

The Table Company#11 SMR House, Convent Rd, Richmond Town,


If you’re looking for a simple but pretty selection of handmade tumblers and serve glasses, look no further! 

The Wishing Chair, 295, 100 Feet Road, Indira Nagar,



We love this online shop for their cool selection of bar trays. Round, antique brass, copper or cool black, you’ll need one of these to serve elevate your cocktail experience!





This alcohol shop is not only gorgeous, and has really upped the standards of alcohol buying in Bangalore. They carry a wide selection of Indian and imported beverages, as well as a selection of bar wear and crystal glassware. This is definitely a booze buying experience!

Tonique, Rathnam’s Complex, Kasturba Rd, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Instagram Page



Introducing bevboxes- only every cocktail lover’s dream come true. Created by specialists, curated by experts and custom delivered straight to your doorstep, bevbox contains everything you need (except the alcohol) to help you discover, taste and enjoy bar quality cocktails in the comfort of your couch.



Are you more interested in the drinking of cocktails instead of the mixing of them? You’re not alone, and the Tulleeho Cocktail Gurukul @ Home Experience is perfect for you. A mixologist will come to your home (with glassware, bar tools, alcohol and mixers) and mix up an assortment of customized cocktails for you and up to 10 people. Choose your desired duration and which spirits you want, then sit back and enjoy the cocktails in the comfort of your own home! Or try a private online cocktail making class with them for you and close friends!

Or try their bar boxes- which is sent to you and includes all the ingredients including the alcohol and recipes to ensure you can whip up your own cocktails mixologist style! It even includes. a Navu Project playlist to enjoy!



This chain of liquor boutiques is s safe bet when buying alcohol in Bangalore. You’ll find a nice range of spirits and wine here both imported and local.  

Madhuloka, 19 locations throughout Bangalore,


Jana Hennig - maximalist - queenager - mom and textile designer in training - trying to make this world a more exciting and better place one day at the time.


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