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This weekend the Crafts Council of Karnataka showcases its intriguing take on the Vessel, the central theme for their exhibition “Paatre”, bringing past wisdom into the present perfectly!

”Paatre” Peep into the Past

Paatre means vessel in Kannada, and the exhibition explores the theme along various lines, from the historic, the esoteric-spiritual all the way to the downright pragmatic use of traditional pots and pans like soapstone cookware (kalchatti) in a modern kitchen, on your hob! For the city bred, well travelled, it’s a window into slowing down, looking back, an earthy enlightenment of sorts, if you fancy an unlearning kind of weekend outing!

Mrs. Chandra Jain, of the Crafts Council of Karnataka surrounded by Paatre, the inspiration for the upcoming 3 day exhibition at Chitrakala Parishath

The exhibition is unusual, every side of the proverbial coin is explored. You’ll get to attend demonstrations on metal, stone, earthen and leaf ware, watch them being made first hand and get to see and maybe sample food cooked in them too. Want to watch a shiny red copper pot hammered into shape? With the Paatre workshops alone  there is something to be said for introducing a 7 year old to making their own cookware!

While the artifacts exhibition includes rare and centuries old antique vessels, some from private collections, like the melon inspired ones on display (Courtesy Natesan’s), the talks “The body as a vessel” derives inspiration from lines of Sikh scripture. The Ahara talk speaks to food in relation to yogic practice.

“Paatre” was conceptualized with an emphasis on centre staging the artisan, providing accessibility to shop their wares and going straight to the source in our hyper connected world, with a means to connect with them later via social media. Don’t forget to bring your wallet, there’s stalls to shop for all of the traditional ware generations have clean forgotten, stuff you’re going to re-find at Paatre!


The “Paatre” exhibit, its accompanying workshops and demonstrations promise to be one of a kind. It is being held at Chitrakala Parishath on the 17th, 18th and 19th of March 2023.


With inputs from Meera Naidu, exhibition designer for Paatre and member of the Crafts Council of Karnataka

Find the schedule of talks, workshops, demonstrations, food demonstration, food and stalls below:

Instagram, Website, Register at 9845087716

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