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From House to Home_ Decorating your new home


No matter which city we’ve moved to, turning our house into a home is always one of our favorite things to do. While Bangalore may lack the selection of western-style furniture you are used to, there are still many great options.



If you have moved without any large furniture pieces (beds, sofas, dining room sets, etc.) or are only planning to stay for a short amount of time, renting might be the right option. Some rental companies include Formula Group and Furlenco. Don’t expect to find the furniture of your dreams, and be sure to check the condition especially of beds, sofas, and mattresses before accepting them. Some landlords also anticipate short-stays and rent their apartment/villa fully furnished or check out a serviced-residence instead (Oakwood, Halcyon Hotel ResidencesHilton Domlur, Grand Mercure, + more).



Some of the best furniture in Bangalore has been brought over in someone else’s container. Purchasing second-hand pieces from your friends and neighbors is a great way to pick up things that are hard-to-find or not even available in BLR. We’re talking about IKEA items, garden furniture, large comfy fabric couches, kid’s items and more! Usually, when people move out of Bangalore, they will post their articles in different neighborhood groups. Be on the lookout especially right before summer when many people leave. Another good source is which stocks barely used or slightly defective  (very minimal)  pieces from brands like Urban Ladder. You’ll get the same stuff for a fraction of the price with quick delivery and free assembly.



Maybe you brought most of the core pieces that you’ll need and only want to fill up a few areas of your new place. Or perhaps you decided to start over fresh and decorate your new home from scratch. Well, the good news is there are a lot of lovely furniture shops filled with unique pieces which you might even want to bring home with you (see that’s why people end up selling the stuff that they came with). The bad news is that if you have a specific look in mind, it may not be that easy to find. The selection tends to be a lot smaller, especially for more modern and non-wooden pieces. Another factor is that delivery times can range from a few days to a few months as some stores will only make it once ordered or ship it over from outside of India. And lastly and maybe most importantly, despite the perception of buying furniture here (much of which is made in India), the prices are higher than one would imagine.



If you have a distinct picture of what your new home in India will look like but haven’t been able to fulfill that with the selection available, you have two options. Settle for what’s available and change your vision or design furniture to fit. Having something made here doesn’t necessarily mean it will be more expensive than something you could buy in the store- it could even mean it will be cheaper depending on where you have it done and the materials you choose. The best way to do this is to come with a clear idea (the more reference pictures, sizes, dimensions, that you can provide, the better) of what you want. Be sure to keep a record of any quotations you get beforehand and never pay 100% before the product has been delivered. Don’t believe unrealistic delivery times, and even prepare for a few weeks delay to avoid any disappointment. Once you receive the product, make sure to inspect it well.



Check out a list of our favorite furniture stores here!



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