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Join us for a free workshop and hands-on cooking class by Sarah Edwards of Copper and Cloves to explore the nourishing practice of mindful eating and cooking with a focus on organic seasonal produce!

The workshop will start with an introduction to mindfulness and the benefits of mindful eating and cooking to our health, well being and environment. The first section will explore mindful eating techniques- practices and habits that can help us to slow down our eating, improve our gut health and digestion, and consume just the right amount of food for our personal needs. The next section will focus on food preparation and cooking. Cooking with awareness and attention can be truly pleasurable and an expression of our creativity, enabling us to develop a greater appreciation for the process of cooking and the food itself. You will also learn how to make 2 healthy recipes that you can replicate at home easily.

You will then eat what you have made, putting into practice mindful eating exercises to heighten your enjoyment of the food and to take the first step towards making these mindful eating practices and techniques into your daily healthy habits.



About Sarah Edwards

Sarah is a qualified Health and Wellness Coach and a passionate home-cook. Through her company Copper and Cloves, she runs health and wellness events, cooking classes and nutrition workshops in Bangalore. Originally from London, she has been living in Bangalore for 2 years. Her cooking style reflects the melting pot that London is- I use Middle Eastern, Asian and Mediterranean flavours but using local, seasonal Indian ingredients rather than imported stuff.  She is a big believer in the farm-to-table philosophy and she work with local, organic producers and suppliers.

She believes in the power of whole, nourishing food and slow, mindful eating to transform health. This led her to study to be a health coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, so she can support others to find a way of eating and living that is healthy and sustainable for them.


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