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Indian Politics 101
WHERE: Punkah House
WHEN: Nov 20th, 11.30am-2pm
PRICE: 2.000 rupees (includes cocktails and lunch)

How did India gain independence? How is the world’s biggest democracy organized? What are the main political parties and where do they stand on the issues that affect all of us? Indian Politics 101 talk over cocktails is for everyone who wants to understand the complexities of India. If you have ever been curious about how India works but found it all slightly overwhelming, fear not! Lakshmi from Broadsheet will guide you through the system with a lot of expertise, humor and interesting facts that will turn you into an expert. All of this over cocktails and nibbles provided by Punkah House- we can’t think of a better way to learn something new!


About Lakshmi:

Lakshmi drives editorial, product strategy and Broadsheet’s strategic roadmap. Her past work-life includes working for a variety of US media organizations, including Wired, Salon, and the Nation. Closer to home, she co-founded and led She has also written lots of stuff on lots of different kinds of things for everyone from the New York Times to Al Jazeera to Vogue India.


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