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Carla has been a teacher in the UK for 28 years. She has taught about a thousand children over the years, being involved mainly with primary and nursery aged children, although she has worked with secondary schools in her role as a Science coordinator. She has been a SENco (Special needs coordinator), a reading advisor, assessment coordinator, a key stage one coordinator, deputy head and head teacher. She has also trained many teachers and been involved with educational research and behavioural and emotional management in the classroom. In her last school she was also involved with working with an Indian school in Chennai, which gave her an insight to what she could expect here in Bangalore. She gave up her last job to come to live in Bangalore with her husband and children and they arrived in December 2017. She has two boys aged 9 and 12 who go to a local international school. Before coming here, she home schooled her boys for a few months, so she now has experienced this too!

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