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If you’re anything like me then prickly body hair, especially in this heat, is a major ‘no, no’.

Well in this current global pandemic some of us are definitely thinking twice before going to the salon right?

So here are some tried and tested hair removal home remedies (a.k.a my Grandma’s go-to methods) for getting rid of those prickly guests 😉




This is years old and is known as the safest remedy for hair removal as it is sometimes even used on small kids.

Wheat flour is a mild exfoliator and Ghee is moisturizing which also helps in repairing and nourishing the skin.

HOW TO MAKE IT: Take 1Tbsp of wheat flour and add ½ Tbsp of Desi Ghee to make a dough like consistency (the type you would for bread)  – no water is needed.

HOW TO USE IT: Take a small ball of dough and start rolling it on the areas you want to remove hair in the opposite direction of hair growth. This method will not give you instant results but if used three times a week for a month or so it will definitely give you glowing and clean hair free skin.

VINE PRO TIP: You can always add a drop or two of essential oils of your choice like Tea tree, Geranium, Orange, etc. for a luxurious fragrance.

I love using essential oils by Nykaa Naturals!





The grainy texture of Gram Flour makes it a natural skin exfoliator and has the added benefit of skin brightening too. Almond powder also helps in gently removing hair and adding glow to the skin.

HOW TO MAKE IT: Take 1 Tbsp of Gram Flour (Besan), add 1Tbsp of Almond powder, soak 5-6 saffron leaves in 1Tbsp of milk cream and give everything a good mix. Make a paste of medium consistency add a little bit of rose water if needed.

HOW TO USE IT: Take a generous amount of paste and apply on desired area and give it a good massage in the direction opposite to hair growth till it is removed completely from that area (it might take your time and energy but the final results with regular use will be remarkable).

VINE PRO TIP: This is a bit more of a harsher exfoliator so would recommend not do it more than thrice a week to maintain the luminosity of your skin.




Honey is a very good skin moisturizer and sugar helps in removing hair and dead skin (and they taste yummy too).

HOW TO MAKE IT: Take Honey and Sugar in equal quantity and add half the quantity of water to it. Then warm it up using the double boiler method or microwave it for 30 seconds till sugar melts.

HOW TO USE IT: Apply this paste on the desired area using a spatula and next with the help of a cotton cloth strip pull off the hair in the opposite direction of growth.

It is an instant hair removal method 👍

VINE PRO TIP: Removing hair using it may sometimes lead to bumps so using soothing aloe vera cubes can help in calming down the skin or just apply refrigerated aloe vera gel. I love using one by The Face Shop.



This is the most commonly used method of hair removal most specifically for eyebrows and the forehead, upper lip, and chin.

HOW TO DO IT: Take a piece of thread and make a loop of it. Next using both your hands start pulling your hair in the opposite direction of growth.

VINE PRO TIP: It’s always good to do Threading on a dry area so better apply powder beforehand and apply a cooling gel afterward for soothing down any redness and irritation on the skin.

**Easy but a bit painful 😕



Egg is very rich in protein and folic acid which is great for overall skin health.

HOW TO MAKE IT: Take egg white of one egg and add 1/2tsp of cornstarch and 1tsp of sugar and mix it properly.

HOW TO USE IT: Apply on the desired area and let it dry for 5-10minutes, once dried start peeling in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

VINE PRO TIP: Egg can add a weird smell so again the catch for this is to add a good essential oil. Peeling can be a little bit painful so a good aloe vera cube massage will make you feel great 👍



HOW TO MAKE IT: Take the desired quantity of flour barn and add curd to make a paste of medium consistency. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes.

HOW TO USE IT: Apply it on the area of need and let it semi-dry for 2-3 minutes, start rubbing in circular motions and wash of your face.

VINE PRO TIP: If your skin is on the dry side you can replace curd with raw milk and a pinch of turmeric. After using turmeric skin tend to become comparatively photosensitive so don’t forget to apply a good sunscreen and avoid direct sunlight.



P.S. these remedies do work but not in single-use all the natural and homemade remedies do take time and need persistence



A proud mother of two beautiful kids and an engineer, she was born and brought up in Rajasthan so being foodie is in her DNA. Due to her father's job, Ritika has lived in Jaipur, Barmer, Jaiselmer, Delhi to name a few and is currently in Gothenburg, Sweden. Ritika loves traveling and exploring other cultures, reading inspirational books and hopes to have her very own recipe book one day.


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